What’s so special about you anyhow?

Something you may here in your early childhood, but it’s a valid question when it comes to your business.

The benefits of knowing your benefits differentiate you from your competitors. Imagine a whole plaza of dry cleaners all preforming the same services at the same time for the same people, who’s the best? Who’s the cleaner you would want? Imagine you’re one of those dry cleaners just opening you’re storefront in that plaza, how do you compete?

Taking an inventory of your services and highlighting what unique services you offer, your customer service and even your location could have influential elements when driving customers to your business. Make sure you highlight these benefits in your advertising.

Possible benefits that could be featured for my fictional dry cleaner:
• Being open when your customers usually need emergency cleaning
• Offering special services to the elderly
• Awesome customer service
• Amount of years in business – experience is key for those difficult issues other novices shy away from
• Local Delivery

I’m not say you have to offer these to be a successful business – just that if you don’t tell customers what sets you apart from another company that offers the same business as you do could mean the difference from making the rent payment to looking at a “going out of business” sign.

Any questions, comments? Feel free to contact me, Nichole Nappi, owner and lead designer of N2 Design Services.

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