Where is your audience OR the sound of crickets is deafening, isn’t it?

Do you know your audience? Really?
Well, you put this terrific ad campaign together and radio script and even some billboards but, do you know who you’re looking for? I’ve seen some terrific ads go in the worst places and the worst ads in the best places, neither circumstance has a happy ending. Before you start buying up “ad real estate” look at your potential audience. Does he or she read this type of publication? Will he or she see your ad regularly or in a timely manner? Does your ad “fit” with the type of advertisers you see elsewhere in publication? Does he or she own a computer?
These are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when looking at the many solicitations, and there is a ton you’ll receive once you hang your shingle out front.
One way to find out is to inquire from your current customer base. Ask your current customers where or how they heard about you. If you have access to the internet, ask on you Facebook fan page. No customers yet, then research your current market and trade magazines to see where and who they are targeting. Think about certain markets that could benefit from your item or service the most and go get ’em.
Another way is to network at your local chambers and networking organizations. Talk to people in and out of your industry to see where interests lie.
Think about your own goals as well. If your looking to attract a higher level of income, look at sources that this income bracket would be exposed to the most. Exposure is everything.
Think about web advertising, which for most business’ is the most economic and usually returns the most feedback for your dollar. Google Ads and Facebook ads seem to be the most popular as well as your newspaper websites. Just a note for newspaper websites, think about where your ad will appear and when, some news stories may not be appropriate seen next to your product or service.

Whatever you do, think before you commit. And like in the real estate business, location is everything.
For more information or to look into N2 Design Services’, please contact nicholenappi@hotmail.com, thanks.

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