There’s always room for graphics

Yes, folks. There’s always a place to put your company logo, especially on facebook™. Even with the new layout and navigation changes, the facebook™ fan page is one of your company’s free and best “web billboards”…so get your logo, your company information and even your tag line all up in one image. FBML, facebook’s mark up language, uses some basic HTML with some special tags mixed in for good measure, allows users to customize tabs and add continuity to ad campaigns.

With the new changes in twitter™, however, space to customize has been reduced leaving some with chopped off or mostly covered up backgrounds, which a couple of months ago, were readable. Hopefully, Twitter has some more updates in the near future which will resolve this. To get the logo in the right place does require some trial and error but, it’s well worth it when visitors choose to “follow” your tweets. Just remember to save your graphics as RGB/JPEG files before you go to upload them. (For those who are confused by this terminology…web graphics are saved in the RGB color platform and JPEGs are a file type used for photos on the web – I’ll cover these terms more in depth in future postings.)

LinkedIn, is very restricted but there is an application that allows you to upload graphics as photos. This could be used to show current ad campaigns, web promotions or photos of your storefront. Of course, this site is very restrictive as to who you can connect with but the good thing about the photo gallery options is that your graphic is eye-catching and can be shared through other sources.

Also, other sites that are good to post to is Flickr, YouTube and StumbleUpon. All are very popular and great for storing and displaying graphics and advertising elements. Whatever the social media platform you choose to put your company’s name to, look for ways to make it your own. Being unique will put your business in the front of the line.

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