Deadlines are not just a date to remember

Everyone loves and hates them…but why? Deadlines are just as necessary as toner for your printer. Without them, utter chaos reigns and nothing is achieved. Deadlines don’t have to be painful though, here are some suggestions on how to stick to project deadlines for your business’ advertising schedule.

Get Organized.
Invest in a calendar, Franklin Covey planner (I can’t live without mine) or you can use Google’s calendar for free on the web. You can use any of these options, just start now. Plan out your process from thumbnails, proof deadlines for your customer and your own time. You don’t have to schedule down to the minute but an approximate time for each task should be realistic.

Give yourself more time.
Okay, how long does it really take for you to perform your task? For example, if you think an hour is all it takes don’t let it be the hour before the project is due, lie to yourself and say it will take 2 hours, give yourself double the time it would take to complete the project.

Learn to prioritize.
When you prioritize your workload, what is the project that is coming up first and does the project need to completed early? Ask yourself questions. Does the project have priority over other projects and why? List all your projects and number or letter according to importance.

Don’t try to please everybody.
Just because someone asks you to do a project, doesn’t mean you have to do it. I have turned down projects because I can’t realistically complete them in the time they ask. I rather say no than say yes to a project than disappoint clients with missed or shoddy work.

You don’t have to do all the work. Can someone do some of the time-consuming simple work so you can focus on the important complicated aspects of the project.

Ask for more time before the deadline.
Still find yourself struggling to complete the project? Ask for more time before the deadline, not every deadline is set in stone. Can you do extra steps to help you have more time. Is the camera-ready deadline the drop dead deadline? Can you do without a proof if submit camera-ready? Sometimes project managers install cushions for such a situation and they may be more flexible if they know ahead of time that you may need more time.

Do you enjoy the project?
If you’re not “into” the project from the get go, more than likely you’re going to procrastinate. If it’s a project you have to do, find aspects of the projects you look forward to achieving and set a reward for yourself for when the project is ultimately completed.

Communicate your deadline to others.
When other people know you have to complete an important project or task, they may be more eager to assist you. They can do other jobs for you to give you more time to focus on the work at hand. They may be even helpful for reminding of your deadline or your goal as well.

Whatever the suggestion you chose to go with, deadlines are essential to any workplace. Deadlines are what keep us in check and on goal for whatever we want to achieve and you should strive to stick to them. Don’t beat yourself up for missing them. Learn from your mistakes and just keep moving towards the next one.

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