Importance of disclaimers

They’re a necessary element to your sales event print advertising. Disclaimers.

Often overlook because of it’s location and “small” print, disclaimers offer retail businesses protection against profit loss, financial liability and customer service issues. Whatever the offer of your print ad campaign, your disclaimer should be consistent and extensive. By not including a disclaimer, you’re sales event could fail before and after the customers come through your door.

When developing your disclaimer, make you follow these rules.

1)  Look over your layout and write down your offers in the order they appear on the layout. Under every offer, list what you would want excluded from the offer (i.e. excludes all special order items, clearance items, etc.), maximum quantities purchased and financing information.

2) Have someone else read over your ad and ask questions your customers may ask. Consider these questions when it comes time to write your final disclaimer. You may want to write a synopsis for your sales staff to review to prepare for this sales event so they are prepared for these questions…such preparedness allows for a more confident consumer.

3) Decide the expiration date of your offer. A shortened time line may be more of an incentive for consumers to react. On the other hand, the extra time allowance may give consumers the chance to work with sales staff and increase the sales opportunity.

4) Refer to competitor disclaimers to decide if your offer can compete with theirs. Are their offers, restricted too much? Can customers benefit from the overall offer? Could you offer more to your customer or do you need to consider another element?

5) Write your disclaimer. Include your expiration date in the beginning of your disclaimer in bold so customers see this first and feel compelled to read the disclaimer. Signify your disclaimer applies to certain areas of the ad by adding an asterisk. Set off your disclaimer with asterisk at the bottom of your ad below your contact information. Point size of your disclaimer copy should be no smaller than 6, newsprint production cannot guarantee print smaller than 5.5 point.

“See store for details” does not cover your bases. This statement only causes doubt to your potential customers when you don’t disclose your business’ intentions. If consumers have to ask for the details they may go elsewhere like your competitor. Disclaimers may seem like a big buzz-kill but their important to the integrity of your advertising and your business’ reputation that they be as accurate and specific to the offers as possible.