Does your ad campaign work?

Does your ad campaign work? Well, to answer this question I’m asking you another…Why did you do this ad campaign to begin with? What are your goals and desired outcome?

When beginning to design your ad campaign for your business consider what your long and short range goals are. If your short range goal to get customers in your store, think about what would influence your customers to visit and what you want your customers to buy or do while they are in your store. Decide what the long range goal for your customer’s visit…their e-mail address or their entry in your customer care program, etc.

Your long range goals should benefit the overall growth of your company…more customer referrals, a larger customer base or multiple locations. Consider your target market’s needs and desires, look at all opportunities of advertising (print, web, tv, etc.) and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Just make sure your ad campaign doesn’t lose focus of your long term goals. Adjust your short term goals if you need to and if you need to keep revisiting your long term goals to make sure they are reasonable and reachable.

Having a strong plan is always the best way to determine your path to a successful ad campaign.