Ideas come and go…Couple of App suggestions for the creative thinking

The hardest thing to do when designing is come up with “fresh” ideas. What’s even more challenging is trying to remember these great ideas when comes down to getting them on paper. With the fast-moving world we live in, creative thoughts appear and disappear quicker than Trick-or-Treat candy at Halloween. Before you agonize over that lost creative idea…take note…of some of these note taking app suggestions, for your iPhone, iPad or smart phone for creating on the go.

When I’m on the road, I usually carry my iPhone with me and if an idea comes to me I type it up on the Notepad app. Notepad allows users to write messages, take notes and organize thinking on the go. When you open the application on your mobile device, you view a yellow type notepad page, similar to any office pad. One of the cool features on the iPhone is when you type in a date, email or phone number, the phone recognizes these and highlights them so you can add them to your calendar or address book without much effort.  If you want to email your thoughts/notes to yourself or a client, the Notepad app has this function to send as an attachment through your phone’s email.

For the artistic thumbnail sketchers out there, there’s the Bamboo app. Users can draw their ideas directly on the page with either their index finger or Bamboo Stylus (purchasable at any electronic store). This function also allows users to email their ideas to clients and themselves but the great functionality of this particular app is the ability to keep separate “Sketchbooks” and users can customize the title of these books for better organization. So users can have a “private” sketchbook or a “client” sketchbook. This ability to “write” on the tablet is an added novelty which I hope will be an added feature in the future of laptops…imagine being able to write notes directly on a proof by hand in front of a client or giving the client the ability to “sign off” on the final proof on right on the screen of the laptop.

Voice Recorder is a free app that comes with iPhone, in the utility window for you iPhone people out there, which allows you to verbally take notes for yourself. This is a handy function for those not too savvy with their touchscreen typing ability.

Of course, nothing beats the old fashioned pencil and notepad but, in this day and age where electronics are available…isn’t it more fun?!