Tips for creating a SUCCESSFUL newsletter


First off, what’s the purpose of even creating a newsletter?! Well, the main reason is to advertise current events pertaining to the business or organization. The other reasons include advertising new products and services or promotions that would benefit the user. For non-profit organizations, request monies and the purposes for the monies needed are the underlying reason.

1- Have a main theme or direction. Events and the benefit of the event for the user to attend should be listed.
2- A main story. The front page is your first impression. Start it off with a main feature to motivate or impress upon your viewer that there is more inside to review.
3- Table of Contents. Having a list of what’s inside, especially for multi-page newsletters is helpful and gives the viewer to look further into the piece.
4- Masthead. A creative title gives the viewer a way of identifying between the company/organization and other organizations. The title can be straight forward or clever. As long as the title makes sense and set on the front page.
5- Have valuable content. Stories that pertain the events/company/organization that would be of interest. For example, a jewelry store would benefit by advertising new arrival with background about the designer and the benefit of attending the store and buying/viewing this new arrival. Sometime advertising new personnel is great idea especially when it’s a service-based company/organization.
6- Calendar of Events. This is a great way of telling your viewer they are getting exclusive information on sales and promotions.
7- “Jump” your main feature to inside your multi-page newsletter. Meaning, for extensive features from the front page can be continued to inside. This makes the viewer look through your newsletter to find the continuation of the story.
8- If possible, PICTURES, PICTURES & MORE Pictures. Visual images break up large chunk of copy and make for an easier flow for the written material. Make sure create captions underneath the photos, especially if they’re people involved.
9- Date and Issue number below the masthead/title of the newsletter. This allows the viewer a point of reference in case there are time-sensitive offers and events. Example, Spring 2011….Vol. 12/Issue 1.
10- Contact information. Viewers may have questions or comments about the goings on in your establishment. Having this type of information allows your viewer to take the initiative in contacting your company/organization…thus establishing a better customer relationship. You can include this information in every story in the newsletter or establish a section somewhere before the end of the last story on the last page.
11- Check your postal regulations for label area. Money can be wasted on ill-designed address/mailing label area. Also check your permit or acquire a mailing permit to mass mail your newsletter. You may also want to inquire about mailing restrictions when it comes to folds and “tabbing” your newsletter. If they are improperly tabbed, there’s a chance your mailer will be returned thus, wasting money and time.
12- Decide whether you are going to mail monthly, bi-monthly, annually or yearly. This will also effect your design and what content is included. The usual time for most companies is bi-monthly but you can also consider quarterly as a possible option.

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